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By May 9, 2019May 13th, 2019Coaches

As a Coach, you’re trying to reach as many people as possible and get your services and expertise out there. You need a beautiful website in order to attract clients and leads and you need it to be functional so you don’t drive them away. It’s harder than it sounds because custom sites are expensive and complicated, and it can be so difficult to find a web designer that will not only deliver on what they promise in a timely matter, but who will also marry form and function. Your other option is DIY. You find a web template that promises to be plug and play and you sit down and you get to work. It ends up being so much more complicated than you thought it would. The options and buttons don’t seem to do what it seems like they should, nothing quite looks right, you can’t find the right pictures, and you really just want to focus your energy on helping the people you’re here to help.

This is where ThriveSites comes in. We have years of web design experience and we saw problem in our industry. A good website is absolutely critical for doing business in today’s world, but there is a gap. Custom sites are expensive and take weeks or months to build. DIY options sound promising but end up being so much more hassle than they’re worth. ThriveSites is here to fill that gap. We take your brand and your information and pair it with our years of expertise and our streamlined system to get you a beautiful, functional website in ten days at a price you can afford. Then we take care of all the monthly hosting, management and updates so you can focus on running your business. We also offer SEO packages to help your site rank on Google and pull in the business you’re looking for.

Setup costs $300 and we offer two monthly management levels depending on your needs. After you sign up, you’ll receive a form from us where you can easily put in all the info we need from you. Fill that out in the first three days and that’s the last you will have to worry about your website. ThriveSites will make sure you’re taken care of from there.


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